Author – Marian L. Jasper

It is always a good idea for anyone interested in reading my books to know a little about me.

I was born in Hertfordshire, in the UK more years ago than I like to admit to, and trained as a shorthand typist – shorthand not being something that is used nowadays – but typing I have found invaluable throughout my working life.

Early in my career I reached the dizzying heights of secretary to the Managing Director but soon after the birth of my son, David, my then husband and I created and owned five local free distribution newspapers in the Hertfordshire and North London areas, entitled ‘Local Advertiser’. It was hard work, but none the less enjoyable and eventually we were responsible for in excess of 100 staff.

After a few years we were approached by the magazine section of the Express group who showed a very keen interest in our publications and on the sale of our company we moved to Jersey in the Channel Islands.

However life did not turn out to be the utopia that I had envisaged, and within a very short space of time my husband and I divorced. But good does come out of difficult situations and not only did I meet and marry my wonderful husband, Paul, but my ex also married and settled happily with a lovely lady.

Paul and I were never ones to sit back and do nothing and we were lucky enough to own a small but successful telecommunications company which served all the Channel Islands.

We have now lived in Western Australia for some years, where we enjoy being near to Paul’s family and grandchildren, and the icing on the cake was when my son, David, also moved here.

There is much that I enjoy in life, gardening being one of them, but my greatest pleasure is using my imagination, which allows me to indulge in my love of writing. I am currently onto the tenth book in the Liza Marchant series, although so far only six have been published, but the seventh is being made ready for print, so that will also shortly be available.

Naturally, all details will be published on this website.

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